Amadeo De Souza-Cardoso at the grand palais


In this month of July , the little art seeker has seen for you the beautiful exhibition dedicated to the Portuguese painter Amadeo De Souza-Cardoso.

This artist totally forgotten was a very talented one who died very young in 1918 during the influenza epidemic which killed thousands of people in Europe.

Amadeo career was divided was divided into two places :Paris and Portugal.

The painter was torn between his love for the rural world where he came from and his attraction for the urban one.

In Paris he met great artists as Modigliani,Brancusi and the Delaunays.

As a young artist , he had the chance to see his work presented at the Paris salons of 1911 and 1912, the Armory show in the United States and the first German Autumn salon in 1913.

This prolific painter managed to produce during his short life an important work ranging from Cubism,futurism to Orphism and Expressionism!



Before the corrida.1912.


The leap of the rabbit.1911

This painting was one of Amadeo’s most famous paintings.It’s inspired from a traditional Gascony dance that gives a total freedom to the participants.The freedom that the artist kept searching in his work.Amadeo’s paintings are inspired by the cubist vocabulary and influenced by medievalism and Japanese art.


the prince and the pack.1911

The landscape was one of Amadeo’s favourite topic at the beginning of his career.

Influenced by Cézanne and Delaunay the Portuguese artist’s paintings gave a joyful vision of landscape through colour and simplified shapes.





Procession Corpus Christi.1913

All these works show Amadeo’s personal interpretation of cubism through a dynamic treatment of space and an intensive use of colour.20160717_11594220160717_12001720160717_120103



In the summer of 1912,while on a journey through Britanny ,Amadeo became interested in primitive painters and was inspired by Flaubert’s manuscript”La légende de Saint Julien l’hospitalier” which inspired him in his artistic development.20160717_120617


“I don’t belong to any school.Schools are dead.For us the new generation ,the only thing that interests us is originality.Impressionism,cubism,abstraction?A little bit of all of that!”

When he returns to Portugal in summer 1914, Amadeo begins by exploring popular iconography and the landscape in which it was rooted.

The presence of Sonia and Robert Delaunay in Portugal in 1915-1916 inspired Amadeo’s creations and his plastic researches, revealing a new graphic practice.


20160717_12135620160717_122439 (1)


Zig-Zag arabesque dynamique bears the name of one of Amadeo’s painting

and shows the shift in the artist’s creation towards a cubo futurism that runs through the painter’s canvases and give them a lot of energy.

Amadeo’s compositions became more complex and were inspired by visual power of words and letters.

20160717_122035 (1)

Zig Zag,metallic vibrations 1915-1916

20160717_122102 (1)



20160717_122244 (1)Miller.1915-1916

20160717_12245420160717_122519 (1)


The little art seeker , loved this beautiful exhibition dedicated to a prolific and creative painter who made of colours the heart of his creations.A lovely moment , full of poetry!