Combo,a street artist who works for tolerance!

In the aftermath of the attacks of Paris on January 2015,Combo a street artist decided to realize a series of posters representing the necessary unity between the three religions.

These posters were displayed on Paris walls and the artist hilmself was assaulted for his work in Paris’ streets!

Today the Ima institute in Paris devotes an exhibition to this talented artist who is not only a street artist but also a real painter.


The message of Combo is that we should love each others without any hatred and that the three main religions should be united .


Racism is a way to make the other responsible for the hatred you feel for yourself.



The artist is also worried about the migrants’ distress and the exhibition offers us beautiful and touching paintings about these terrible issues.12696787_946209472143376_447350603_o12656003_946209445476712_189516934_oThe little art seeker loved the canvas representing a woman dubbed”Jeanne of Paname”and embodying the french tolerance under the features of a bold and beautiful woman.


12699007_946209858810004_708675867_oSo if you want to receive a lesson of tolerance visit this really interesting and moving exhibition!