Graphics from the antipodes in Paris

Today it rained all day.So to add colour in our beautiful city of Paris the little art seeker has seen for you a beautiful exhibition dedicated to graphics from all over the world!









The originality of the exhibition is to make you understand how creative people try to express their dreams and their fantasy thanks to their creations.

Works from the RussianPeter Bankov,the Polish Jan Bajtlik and the German couple Daniela and Detlef Fieder known under the name of Cyan have attracted our attention.Why ?For their flashy colors and their funny worlds!!12571186_936918556405801_546920641_n12607172_936918566405800_421470022_n12575851_936918729739117_83085139_n
















The second room allows us to discover two dutch artists who created the studio Boot and in 2012 founded teh social lebel which gathered graphists,designers and government agencies to create useful products.Their names:Janssen and Vollebergh.The little art seeker loved the variety of their styles .Vey much inspired by the pop art!
















For us the climax of the exhibition is reached with the works imagined by artists from Buenos aires under the title”portraits of a megalopole”.The artists have gathered their collective works under the name “Onaire”Their creations deal with the culture,the history and the social reality of their city.The results are just amazing!!!

















12620690_936919456405711_1647950668_o12562711_936919463072377_919065702_oTotally immersed in graphics universe your spirit is totally fascinated by the fanciful creations of those talented creators.

The following works were imagined by Lotta KÜHLHORN a swedish illustrator who considers that each work is a whole with its own balance and works with big swedish companies such as IKEA.

















We end this gorgeous exhibition with the links that existed between rock music,movies and graphics and through beautiful posters the beautiful way chosen by the artists to enhance the power of image in a very poetic way.

















So if you want to be immersed in the magic world of color ,don’t wait and visit this amazing exhibition.The little art seeker recommends it !