The Borgias

The Borgias

The little art seeker has seen the beautiful exhibition devoted to the Borgias!!


Pope Alexander VI and his son Caesar



From the pope Alexander VI ‘s accession to Caesar’s political fights and the several weddings of the sulphurous Lucretia:nothing is missing in the Borgias’saga!!


Murders, repentance,hidden children!!!all the ingredients that surround this powerful family add to the mystery!!!

Everything begins in August 1492!

On that day,the crowd is jubilant.

The Pope is crowned with great pomp!His name:Alexander VI!

Very proud of his spanish blood :RodrigoBorgia has offered five bull fights to the eternal city!!

All his children are present in the gallery:Caesar 16 ,John 15 and the beautiful Lucretia 11 years old.


The beautiful Lucretia will be a political instrument between her father and brother’s hands.Blond and very beautiful  she will have three husbands and a sulphurous reputation.

It is said that she loves her brother Caesar in a peculiar way!!She will marry the Duke of Ferrare in a third wedding and become a real patron!!!

The exhibition displays a blond curl which belonged to this beautiful lady accused of poisoning her numerous lovers!

 Through the centuries  she inspired writers and  then  filmmakers as testifies this beautiful cinema poster !


Behind  the myth , the Borgias were Patrons,and Alexander VI deeply marked the Quattrocento!!!The Borgias gave the opportunity to many famous painters to express their art .

The great Leonardo da Vinci became the main advisor for Caesar Borgia and imagined hydraulic  and war machines for the duke!!!


If Caesar didn’t really care about arts, his father Alexander and his sister Lucretia took part in the development of humanism!!!

Alexander VI  had gorgeous apartments realized in the Vatican and decorated by the greatest painters of his time:Pinturicchio,and Lippi!He loved the sculptures of della Robia and the religious painting!!!


So if you want to learn many interesting things about the Borgia Family go to the Musee Maillol and see this gorgeous exhibition!!!